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Portals for digital objects

The Swiss Social Archives are present on different national and international portals with digitised items from their collections:

E-Periodica – Swiss journals online

The ETH Library platform for digitised Swiss journals in the scientific and cultural fields.
> The Swiss Social Archives are currently represented on with the following journals:

  • Energie & Umwelt: Quarterly of the Schweizerische Energiestiftung published since 1982. It was preceded by the “SES-Notizen” that appeared from 1978 to 1981.
  • Der Kreis: trilingual internationally acclaimed gay magazine which was published in Zurich from 1943 until 1967; it exclusively addressed men while its predecessors “Schweizerisches Freundschafts-Banner” (1932-1936) and “Menschenrecht” (1937-1942) also aimed at lesbians.
  • Neue Wege: reflective journal of the religio-social movement and further groups representing religious or ethical socialism; published monthly since 1906.
  • Rote Revue: theory journal of the Social Democratic Party of Switzerland, published between 1921 and 2009 (under the title of “Profil” between 1967 and 1980); the founders included Robert Grimm and Ernst Nobs.
  • Schweizer Sportblatt: Weekly journal that appeared from January 1898 to April 1900 and was probably the first Swiss sport newspaper in German. It was published by the Grütlians Jean and Hans Enderli (father and son). The latter was the first chairman of the FC Zürich and a member of the Swiss National Council as well as the parliaments of the canton of Zurich and the city of Zurich.

Platform for Swiss newspapers digitised by the Swiss National Library and its partners.
> The Swiss Social Archives are currently represented on with the following newspapers:

  • Aktiv: Organ of the Christlicher Metallarbeiter-Verband der Schweiz, published between 1930 and 1998. In 1999 it became Syna, das Magazin.
  • FCOM-info: Official publication of the Fédération Chrétienne des Ouvriers sur Métaux de Suisse Romande, published between 1989 and 1998. In 1999 it became Syna, das Magazin.
  • La FCTA: Official organ of the Federazione svizzera dei lavatori del commercio, dei trasporti e dell’alimentazione, published between 1955 and 1963. It was incorporated in 1964 under the new trade union title I diritti del lavoro.
  • Fédération textile, chimie, papier: French-speaking publication of the Fédération du personnel du textile, de la chimie et du papier (FTCP), published between 1951 and 1979.
  • Die Gewerkschaft: Official organ of the Allgemeiner Verband der Seidenbeuteltuch-Weberei and the Appenzellischer Weberverband, published between 1901 and 1992. Until 2001 continued by Neue Gewerkschaft, then until 2004 by the GBI-Zeitung. Absorbed by the magazine Work.
  • Grütlianer: Organ of the Swiss Grütli Society, published between 1851 and 1925.
  • Lotta sindacale: Publication of the SMUV in Italian, published between 1962 and 2004.
  • La Lutte syndicale: Official organ of the Fédération suisse des ouvriers sur métaux (from 1915 with the addition: et horlogers), published between 1906 and 1998. Continued by L’événement syndical.
  • Der Schweizer Arbeitnehmer: Since 1921 the official organ of the Landesverband Freier Schweizer Arbeiter bzw. Arbeitnehmer (LFSA), published between 1919 and 1996. It was continued until 1999 by Works, then by Syna, das Magazin.
  • SMUV-Zeitung: Official organ of the Schweizerische Metallarbeiter-Verband, published between 1902 and 2001. Continued by Work.
  • Solidarité: Official organ of the Fédération suisse des travailleurs du commerce, des transports et de l’alimentation, published between 1909 and 2000. It was absorbed into the L’événement syndical.
  • Solidarité horlogère: Official publication of the Uhrenarbeiter-Verband in French, published between 1893 and 1914. In 1915 absorbed by La Lutte syndicale.
  • SVEA-Nachrichten: Newspaper of the protestant trade union movement, independent of political parties, published between 1920 and 1987. After various title changes it was continued by aktiv Syna in 1995.
  • VHTL-Zeitung: Organ of the central association that covered workers employed in the food and beverage industry as well as in the trade and transport industry, official organ of the Verband der Handels-, Transport- und Lebensmittelarbeiter der Schweiz, published between 1904 and 2004. It was absorbed into Work.

Archives Online

Archives Online is a meta catalogue of the archival databases of the Swiss Federal Archives, the State Archives of most Swiss cantons as well as several special archives, libraries and city archives. You can search the archival databases of all participating archives at the same time for a specific search phrase.
> Archives Online also includes the archival catalogue of the Swiss Social Archives.


The Memobase information portal provides access to more than 70,000 audiovisual documents from 13 Swiss memory institutions.
> The Swiss Social Archives are represented on Memobase with film, video and audio collections.

Social History Portal

Website of the “International Association of Labour History Institutions” (IALHI) with more than 900,000 digital items (text, photo, film, sound) and a large number of social history sources.
> The Swiss Social Archives have 42 social history and contemporary history collections posted on the Social History Portal.


Virtual library giving access to Europe’s scientific and cultural heritage from prehistory and ancient history through to the present day, with pictures, texts, and audio and video files.
> The Swiss Social Archives have 26,861 audiovisual documents on Europeana.