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Documentation of the social question

As a specialist library for social questions, the Swiss Social Archives are devoted to an area of collection that is not fully represented by books. To ensure that the current social topics are suitably documented in each case, the Social Archives have selectively collected brochures, pamphlets and flyers right from the outset: polemic papers, leaflets, booklets, appeals, etc. These documents are available for you in specialist dossiers arranged by subject.

Alongside this, the Social Archives have a collection of newspaper clippings on paper which reflect social, political, economic and cultural changes in Switzerland since 1945 in a unique manner. For more recent press information, the Social Archives offer Swissdox – a web-based access to the complete Swiss media data-base thus making it possible to track the press discussion in Switzerland on a specific political or social topic over a prolonged period of time.

The brochures/pamphlets and the newspaper clippings are available for you as dossiers arranged by subject and in chronological order.